Welcome to my BLOG. I am the blessed Mimi of 12, which 7 of them are girls and 5 of them are adopted granddaughters. They are such an added addition to our family. We are now in the process of getting the 5th one from Malawi Africa. Please read my daughters blog to hear her story (http://www.johnsonangels.blogspot.com/). So I hope to sell enough hair bows to help out with this financial cost to my daughter family. I will soon be getting 2 more from Ethiopia Africa. Please read my daughter – in- love’s blog to hear her story (http://oatsvallteam.blogspot.com/). So I hope to help them out also with adoption of the next 2 members of our beautifully blended family. I also have a eBay store which I will be selling things out of if you would like to visit I have a link on the side bar. Please be in pray for my girls and their families as we wait and travel.

I am selling the Beautiful girls Boutique Hair Bows. I have tried to find this kind of fancy bows for my granddaughters for years and they are so pricey when you do find them and the colors are so limited. The ribbon on my bow are mainly grosgrain ribbon. They take about 2 weeks to get made after you place and pay for your order. I do have some ready to mail now. You can email me at karentunison@bellsouth.net with you choice of bow by # or name. I will then send you a invoice to pay with I perfer paypal or cashiers check. Then we are ready to get things rolling. I am new to this selling and blogging. So please bear with me.

Price of these bows are $5.99 + shipping for 1 $10.00 for 2 + shipping. If you live close you can pick them up or we will work out a meeting place. So when you order let me know how you want to handle that. I discount shipping the more you order if shipped out together.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mimi's Little Angels

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